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Our trainers take your fitness goals seriously. We understand that losing weight and gaining muscle can be challenging, and our goal is to help you overcome hurdles and reach your goals. We will push you and motivate you to set goals and smash them!


Work with a Trainer

One on one sessions are your greatest chances of success. Working with a trainer to walk step by steps though your process to your best body.   Complete body transformation is possible at any age for those willing to drop the excuses and put in the work.  

Inbody and Nutrition Counselling

Individualized meal plans by your very own nutritionist will guide you to that healthier fitter body you have always wanted.  Created with you and with your input.  Tracking done with state of the art body composition analysis.  Inbody will read you Body fat, water, lean muscle mass and connective tissues along with so much more!

The basics

Full Service Gym


Russell's only full service gym.  3000 sq feet of clean and well maintained equipment. 28 weight training machines, 12 cardio machines, plans and routines available to lead you to your fitness goals.  Professional expert trainers on site to answer your questions.  



Meet with Barry and let him build a personalized nutritional plan to help you meet your goals!  Your personal nutritionist is on hand to guide you every step of the way!

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State of the art body composition analyse now on site to see just what  you are made of.  Not just your body weight but body fat, lean muscle mass, water, skeletal mass, BMI and so much more! The INBODY also tracks your progress along the way.  

Indoor Tanning


Looking to build a base, maintain or enhance your tan?  Book your sessions in our Indoor tanning room.  Safe and guided Indoor tanning available.

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Let us guide you in transforming your body into you best body!  Personalized exercise and nutritional plans are sure to set you up for success.  Barry and Melissa have all the tools you nee to build your ideal body. We offer personal training in Russell.  Open gym access and all your fitness needs in Russell

What is our purpose?


The ultimate resource for individuals seeking amazing physical transformations through nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes.

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Indoor Tanning/ Infrared Sauna

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Meet Bernice


Meet Bernice....
"In January 2019 I realized my weight had ballooned to its heaviest. I was even bigger than I had been when I was pregnant with three kids. I am on 4'11 so being a size 14 was the biggest I had ever been. The size 14 was now tight and all my clothes were very uncomfortable. Nothing felt like it should. I had some money that I could use for a cruise. I decided that my health was more important. So I decided I would take the money and get a personal trainer for a few months. On Facebook there was an ad for STRENGTH CRAZE. Since it was less then 5 minutes from my home I decided to check it out. I spoke with Barry who explained what they could accomplish in 25 visits to the gym. He gave me a meal plan . He listened to my issues with food. No judgement and gave me a meal plan that I could easily follow. Melissa said something to me when I spoke with her about my food issue. She said the past is the past and I could make the future different. It was up to me. No one had ever said that to me before. It got me thinking and I realized I could and should get over it.
Barry and Melissa are encouraging and positive. I must ask Melissa the same question more times then i could count. Melissa just says I could ask a billion times and she would answer them.
I look forward to my visits to Strength Craze Gym 3 times a week. I never think "oh no, gym again". Melissa pushes me but is very positive about it. She has a great sense of humour.
Since joining Strength Craze my physical and mental health have improved greatly. I can really see and feel the difference from a tight 14 to a loose 12 in 6 weeks. After 3 weeks had built almost a pound of muscle. Looking forward to the end result in 9 more session. Going to Strength Craze was the best decision I had made for my health. Couldn't have done it without the the encouragement and positivity of Melissa and Barry. Thanks guys!



Want to know what you are made of?  Our state of the art body composition analysis system will help us to mark and track your progress though information that your home scale can't tell you.  We can track not only your body weight but also your body fat, lean muscle mass, skeletal tissue, water and so much more.   Make an appointment with our trainers today to start measuring your success.

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